Nothing Phone 2 Design Revealed on YouTube, Notable Glyph Interface Updates With Uber and Zomato Support


Nothing Phone 2 Design Revealed With new Interface Updates

After weeks of rumors and conjecture, the Nothing Phone’s highly anticipated design has finally been announced. Nothing Phone 2, which Smartprix had previously revealed in an exclusive first peek, has now been officially verified by popular YouTuber MKBHD. In his video, MKBHD discussed the new “Glyph Interface” on the back of the phone, which has 33 software-controllable LED illumination zones, a major upgrade from the Phone’s 12 LEDs (1). With this improved Glyph module, there are more varied customization possibilities available. The video also demonstrates the smartphone’s softly curved edges, which are a change from the previous Nothing smartphone’s sharp, flat edges. Nothing had previously teased this design.

MKBHD emphasizes that, in comparison to the previous model, the Glyph Interface is more adaptable and flexible. The Nothing Phone’s LED lights can now be customized for particular uses this year. The ability to follow orders on specific apps like Zomato and Uber, for instance, is made possible by these lights. The light dims progressively when the order approaches the user’s location. Despite operating on the phone’s display, this feature takes inspiration from iOS Live Activities. In the video, a new Essential Notification setting is also demonstrated. This feature enables users to keep a dedicated LED lit up depending on notifications from a specific app until they check them.


Nothing further has been disclosed regarding consumers’ ability to make their ringtones, which is illustrated in the YouTube video. Additionally, users can program the LED lights on the phone’s back to coordinate with the ringtone. However, the LED lights can only be white right now; there is no way to modify the color.

Except for the greater custom

Nothing Phone 2 new Interface With Upgrades

izability of the Glyph module, there are no significant architectural differences between the Nothing Phone (1) and the Phone (2). Nothing has proven that the new smartphone has a larger display and more recycled components. Although the battery capacity has increased from 4,500mAh to 4,700mAh, the charging system has mostly remained the same. The inclusion of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, a major improvement over the first-generation model, is another noteworthy feature of the smartphone. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC unlocks a variety of capabilities, offering greater video quality and improved battery performance even if Nothing has Not revealed information regarding the camera or performance.

The Nothing Phone (2) will ship with Nothing OS 2.0 pre-installed, most likely based on Android 13. Given the features and specifications, the smartphone is anticipated to cost more than Rs 40,000. On July 11 at 8:30 PM IST, the Phone (2) will finally be on sale after much anticipation.

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